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Mickey by taismo1235 Mickey :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 2 0 Me and Favorite Friend by taismo1235 Me and Favorite Friend :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 2 0 Spot Light by taismo1235 Spot Light :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 2 0 RIP Victim by taismo1235 RIP Victim :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 0 Anti-SOPA by taismo1235 Anti-SOPA :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 0 Nancy Comic: New Siblings by taismo1235 Nancy Comic: New Siblings :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 2 5
AristroCats Ch. 2
                              Chapter 2: Madame Kathy's Will
  Later an almost broken down car is driving down the street to the mansion. It sputter and engine backfiring is heard as it came to a complete stop. An old man chuckles as he turns off his car and took his gloves off. He is young man in green shirt, and brown pants wearing a car hat and a scarf while holding a cane. His name is Shaggy, Madame Kathy's lawyer. With him was a great dane, a full adult. This was Scooby Doo. As Shaggy took his gloves off, he begins to sing.
Shaggy (Singing): Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay

Shaggy hums as he begins to get out of his car as he said,
Shaggy: Oh.

The man yelps as he nearly fell out of his car. He chuckles as he regains his balance.
Shaggy: Well, well. Not as g
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Baby Nancy by taismo1235 Baby Nancy :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 1
A Partner and a Friend
It was late that night when Snooper and Blabber returning a case. Snooper notice his partner yawned. He couldn't help but, smile. Blabber and him have been good friends since the day they met. He could remember that day like it was yesterday.
It all started one cold, rainy, night that Snooper walking back to his office. Just then, he heard shouting coming from an alley.
"Get back here you little brat!"
Snooper rush to the alley when he saw a big goon in dark clothing chasing in mouse wearing a trench coat and purple fedora. The goon soon grab the  mouse by the neck.
"Now I got you." the goon said as he was ready to clobber the mouse.
"Hey." Snooper said to get the goon attention. The goon glared it Snooper with anger in his eyes. Snooper realized what he just did and said,"Oops.."
The goon started to chases Snooper. Snooper just knew how outsmart the goon. The goon was focus on getti
:icontaismo1235:taismo1235 5 1
A Proud Father
Eighteen years. That how long it been. Time sure fly by fast. But it is that time. The time to let go.
These were the thought that Doggie was having as he putting in the finishing touch on Augie's open house. Augie has graduated from high school. Soon he will be off to collage.
Doggie is proud of his son. Augie has done thing that others never did. Like be a treasure hunter, a Laff-A-Lympics member, part of Yogi's ark crew, and many more. And he was only eight years old.
Augie was coming down the stair. The door bell rings and Augie rush to get it. Doggie watch his son shake hand with all of their friend. Yogi, Huck, Snagglepuss, Ranger Smith, Snooper, Blabber, even Top Cat.
"Heh heh. Dat's my boy." Doggie said with a sense of pride.
:icontaismo1235:taismo1235 3 1
Nancy's Birth by taismo1235 Nancy's Birth :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 7
AristoCat Part 1
Chapter 1: The Credit Beginning
"Taismo1235 or Fairyfriend100 Production Presents"
As our story begins, a French man sings in the background while pencil animation of three soon to be familiar Kitten run through the screen.
Male Singer: Which pets' address is the finest in Paris?

Which pets posess the longest pedigree?

Which pets get to sleep on velvet mats?

Naturellement, the Aristocats!
"The AristoCrats"
One of the kitten came back and removes an 'r' from the title and pushes the right part of it back. The title now reads...
"The AristoCats"
Male Singer: Which pets are blessed with the fairest forms and faces?

Which pets know best all the gentle social graces?

Which pets live on creme and loving pats?

Naturellement, the Aristocats!
They show aristocratic bearing when they're seen upon an airing

And aristocratic flair in what they do and what they say

AristoCats are nevver found in alleyways or hanging around

The garbage c
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Happy Easter by taismo1235 Happy Easter :icontaismo1235:taismo1235 2 0
Nancy Siblings
Name: Lucy Belle Rabbit
Birth Date: March 25th
Hair color: Blonde
Fur color: White
Gender: Female
Eye color: Black
Species: Anthro
Race: Rabbit
Parent's names: Blabber Mouse and Yuki Rabbit
Parent's jobs: Detective in London and Japanese Dancer
Siblings: Seven, Nancy, Chuckle, Giggle, Hanna, Locks, Wattson, Yang
Current occupation: Photographer for the school Newspaper
Outfit: A pink Polka-Dot blue dress
Weaknesses: Must take pictures of anything she never seen, Can't keep a secret, and always open
Fear/Phobias: None
Hates: Blurrier picture, shyness, disorder
Name: Chuckle Jimmy Mouse
Birth Date: March 25th
Hair color: White
Fur color: Gray
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Species: Anthro
Race: Mouse
Parent's names: Blabber Mouse and Yuki Rabbit
Parent's jobs: Detective in London and Japanese Dancer
Siblings: Seven, Nancy, Lucy, Giggle, Hanna, Locks, Wattson, Yang
Current occupation: Street Perfor
:icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 0
Yuki Raabbit
Name: Yuki Winter Rabbit
Birth Date: December 16th
Hair color: White (in ponytail)
Fur color: White
Gender: Female
Eye color: Brown
Species: Anthro
Race: Rabbit
Parent's names: Bill Rabbit and Aya Rabbit
Parent's jobs: Business man and Stay at home mom
Siblings: 25 (She the youngest)
Current occupation: Japanese Dancer
Outfit: Green collar shirt and red skirt
Weaknesses: None but She is a survivor of leukemia
Fears/Phobias: Losing some one close
Hates: Pollution, fires, cancer, and being captives
Theme Song: I Hope You Dance (special guest appearance Sons Of The Desert): Lee Ann Womack
:icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 0
Fan Fic Help
The Aristocats (My Versoin)
Super Snooper as Thomas O'Mally
Jenny (belong to JENNY-87) as Duchess
Pixie And Dixie as Roquefort
Top Cat as Scat Cat
Brain as Chinese Cat
Spook as English Cat
Choo-Choo as Italian Cat
Fancy-Fancy as Russian Cat
Angle Snooper (belong to JENNY-87) as Marie
Nigel (belong to JENNY-87) as Toulouse
Lucky Snooper (belong to JENNY-87) as Berlioz
(???)as Frou-Frou
Quick Draw McGraw as Napoleon
Baba Louie as Lafayette
(???) as Abigail
(???) as Amelia
Shaggy as Lawyer
Kathy (me) as Madame
Dick Dasterly as Butler
(???) as Uncle Waldo
:icontaismo1235:taismo1235 1 3


Pokepony  fusion adoptable 3 by Sakuyamon Pokepony fusion adoptable 3 :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 96 6 Animal Crossing Royalty by Masae Animal Crossing Royalty :iconmasae:Masae 167 33 Pokepony  fusion adoptable 9 by Sakuyamon Pokepony fusion adoptable 9 :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 85 23 KH HOD Reboot Ducklings by Sakuyamon KH HOD Reboot Ducklings :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 353 33 Pokemon ASDF 002 by cmara Pokemon ASDF 002 :iconcmara:cmara 36 6 Undertale - Baby Makes 5 (What if) by TC-96 Undertale - Baby Makes 5 (What if) :icontc-96:TC-96 3,831 1,051 February Bday Card by Jose-Ramiro February Bday Card :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 50 33 Pikachu Inside Out by CherryBlossomCake Pikachu Inside Out :iconcherryblossomcake:CherryBlossomCake 129 18 Moana Meets Hans by Michael-GoldenHeart Moana Meets Hans :iconmichael-goldenheart:Michael-GoldenHeart 32 14 M-ME?! by Dark-Merchant M-ME?! :icondark-merchant:Dark-Merchant 503 46 Appraisal by Risachantag Appraisal :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 611 32 How to catch an Eevee by Risachantag How to catch an Eevee :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 875 46 The Water Seel by snowzahedghog The Water Seel :iconsnowzahedghog:snowzahedghog 154 7 Balancing Pokeballs by LeniProduction Balancing Pokeballs :iconleniproduction:LeniProduction 90 10 Answer 5 by Ask-Popplio Answer 5 :iconask-popplio:Ask-Popplio 24 10 I love Popplio!~ by Amina-Tolbe I love Popplio!~ :iconamina-tolbe:Amina-Tolbe 10 10


FINALLY! A Good Video Game-based Movie! If you never played the games, it is a fun movie to watch. The movie blends the serious tone and the comedy very well.


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